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Friday, March 12, 2010

Clemens Behr "Black White Everything (and Me)"

Thank you to Pilar over at ROJO artspace in Barcelona for sending Chainsaws and Jelly the press release for Clemens Behr.

Clemens Behr, german artist born in 1985 mainly works with cardboard, tape and found wood.
His recent work focuses on the transformation of a given space by building paper installations, which seem to take over the place they have been spontaneously build in. Through simple geometric shapes, the visitor experiences casual confusions of 2D painted and 3D existing objects.
With an easy folding technique, Behr quickly processes paper and fills the space with origami-like sculptures, all made out of material which originally was made for other, everyday purposes.

For the show Black White Everything, he will do an "cut during assembly" installation for the Rojo Art Space Barcelona. Using the existing colors of the galleries visual appearance, black walls, white light, wooden ground and a red grid, he decided only to work with this colours, wood and everything else related he can find during his stay in Barcelona. The fact of not being sure what exactly there will be to work with, to Behr, always is as exiting as realizing the spontaneous, process orientated installation.

Alongside the Installation he will exhibit current prints, illustrations and a film about his installations in the streets of Barcelona.

Clemens Behr "Black White Everyhting (and Me)"
16.03.2010 - 30.04.2010

InauguraciĆ³n: 16.03.2010, 19.00h

ROJO®artspace Barcelona
Carrer Girona 61. 08009 Barcelona, Spain
+34 934 673 598

Alejandra Raschkes

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