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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Storm Is Coming!

For the past few months a creative website has been in the works - Brainstorm Creative Lab. A website dedicated to the world of all around Art and Design and a dedication to the innovative process of vfx and video editing. The site is an excellent source for anyone looking for an artistic enhancement for their visual projects.

Created by a group of New Jersey artists, Brainstorm is on it's way to a promising start and stay in the world of graphic and multimedia production.

The site features a gorgeous design, featuring flash tutorials and eye popping samples of their products for sale.

I've been given the chance to search around the site during it's process of being built, and I couldn't get over one thing - the prices. Brainstorm has put together an amazing array of visual design packs suited for anyone - with prices that we all can appreciate.

Here's some of the product details

Over 180 animated / vector elements
Over 200 organic stock elements
Live stock footage
Motion backgrounds and sets for
video and film
Keyed live footage
Includes project files and tutorials
Bonus pack included with purchase

With most of the Templates and Packs for sale as low as 15 USD

Site Features:

Tutorials (useful video tutorials on graphics, vfx and visual design)
Blog (for updates and tips on products)
Forum (for sharing reels and networking)
Brainstorm Live ( a video series featuring the "Forbidden Art" tutorials by Ruler and many other artists to come)
Gallery (showcasing title animations ready for download)

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