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Monday, November 09, 2009

Recap | Pretty/Ugly @ Seed Gallery

{Photo by Vice Photography}

This night was amazing! People came out from all corners. The bottom was filled up to the stairs and sporadically on the second floor. It was a good night filled with mad love. This was a night that Jersey hadn't had in a while. You know that feeling. That Jersey love feeling. This is one of the reasons why I love doing what I do. It's all about the love, not the lust.

Being mad busy that night, I do not have any pictures but the fam took enough pictures to blow your mind!

Special thank you's to: Mr. Len, Sucio Smash, Ment Plus, A Sharp, Max Jerome, The Seed Gallery & Gizem Bacaz, Pardon the Stranger, Brokn English, St. Joe Louis, Brown Bag Allstars, The Other, Sene, Rewmec, Black 45, Bully Mouth, Shape, Lauren, AKAI PROS, Dave of Division East, BlackFlag Shoppe, Wilma, Inca Cola, Tough Love NYC, Frank 151/FDL, Worx, Hello Jupiter, Vice Photography, Bob of Warfair, Stay Krisp, Kupiart, Rosemary and the ADHD crew, Mr. Wiley, Mikey & Sandy, Poet, El da Sensei, Tame One, Shameful D., Rebecca of Glocally Newark, all of Daniel Joseph's friends, Antwon Shillingding, THEN and the lady, Truce, Self, GDP, Pistol Pete Sol Zalez, Phil, Lala, Mark, Nikko, Erin, Seyran, Rhymageddon, Poet, and everyone that I forgot to mention, you are all the best for coming out, supporting, being part of, and had the opportunity to witness a great night! THANK YOU TO ALL THAT DONATED FOOD, A COAT, AND BAGS OF CLOTHING. We dropped it off that same night/morning to the Apostle's House!

If you were at the parlay, please send us the photos and if you received a giveaway, PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE AND SEND IT TO US! E-mail:

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