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Monday, October 12, 2009

eNJn by Daniel Joseph

eNJn (pronounced engine) is a new thing I'm going to start posting.

It's going to be all about Jersey Hip Hop, and what keeps it going.

The first Artist(s) I'm going to feature are DK and Trinidad, who go by the name MASTERMINDS.

You may know Trinidad from his work with NJ Based Super Production group "Akai Pros". He's won numerous Beat Battles, and has made a name for himself with his clean samples, and pounding kicks and snares.

DK is Trin's longtime friend, and collaborative mate on a lot of Trinidad Production. During my long day's of "internet quest's" DK hit me up on FaceBook and asked me to listen to a new track straight out of the oven (night-before recording session) and asked me to give it a listen.

So, I jumped back into Gmail and took a 3 minute and some change journey into the song "Imma Do Me".

First thing that hit me was the sample. It just fit the mood I was in. It felt like the perfect Fall Time record.

DK jumps right in with "Call me crazy, but I ain't chasing the money and clothes". Right off the bat, the tone is set. The beat builds up into an eerie, but subtle synth in the background complimented by (perfect EQ'd) low key drums.

"Regardless what ya'll do I continue to do me" goes the hook. DK's distinct voice reminds me of a grizzly about to murder it's dinner.

This is that perfect song to drive to, or bump in the Ipods while you're about to get into something REALLY GULLY.

I give this song 4 engines out of 5.

masterminds - "Imma Do Me" sendspace link:


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