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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dan Time. Like Down Time...But Dan Time - Spooky/Scary

Hello C&J family! It's almost October 31st, and that means Goons x Goblins x Costumes x Candy x Sugar Rushes...etc.

This time of the year always brings out the "What was that noise?" portion of the psyche. I mean, seriously...we're peaking around corners. We're hearing sounds we've never heard before, and we're also decorating our homes to enhance these feelings of "Am I going crazy, or did I just see a Ghoulie" (who remembers THAT movie??!).

So, here I am typing in the brisk, yet subtle sounds of Fall - looking over my shoulder every couple to see if The Man In the Hockey Mask is reading over my shoulder to check typos. He's not. That would be creepy.

But I'm not here to talk about creepy. I'm here to talk about Spooky and Scary.

Spooky - (my definition) adj. The feeling like something abnormal is going on, and it's freaking you out. You're at the brink of "turtle head" but you still have the rocks to assess the situation. IE: "what's that noise honey?" - "I dunno, but let me grab the baseball bat, and see if I can be a hero anyway" (5 minutes later)... you walk back into the bedroom with a sandwich and a glass of rootbeer "it was nothing (nom nom nom*), the balcony screen was open, and it was blowing everything off of the tables (nom nom nom)".

*nom nom nom - the noise you make when you eat...a sandwich.

Scary - (my definition) adj. The feeling of "WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING WALKING INTO THIS ABANDONED HOSPITAL HOPING NOT TO SEE ANYTHING". Turtle Heads have turned underwear mates. You probably peed your knickers, and you feel like you haven't watched enough horror movies to know how to get out of this one. (Unless you're a clean cut white male, you're going to get out okay). Hope - Abandoned.

Remember the end of the Thriller Video ? when she's in the abandoned house (why the hell did she run in there anyway, and what neighborhood was that? I mean, c'mon I know it was the 80's - but there had to be some part of town Reagan didn't screw up).

That's SCARY. Dancing Creeps and High Heels don't go together.

I've had my share of spooky/scary things happen. Most of them winded up with me walking back into the bedroom in route to a full stomach and gas, but the Scary stuff is embedded.

If you see me, ask me.

You're going to see/hear things a little more this time of year. The night comes faster, and wind is a subtle bully.

Also, Large Marge is roaming...Don't get in the truck if you know what's good for ya!

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