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Friday, September 04, 2009

Smokin' With Daniel Castillo by Hayes Hemingway

{Daniel Castillo is a professional skateboarder for Chocolate Skateboards, DVS Shoes, and Diamond Supply Co. He is from Los Angeles.}

When were you first introduced to weed?

First time I got introduced to weed? I was eight years old and my cousin who was 20 took me to the mall. All of a sudden he goes "I need to get high." I'm like "What do you mean?" And he left me in the toy store while he went to smoke in the car. I was probably playing Nintendo games or something while he was doing that. Then he comes back and his eyes are all red. So I asked him, "What did you do?" He goes "I just smoked a joint." I was really tripping off my cousin.

Whens the first time you smoked weed?

The first time I smoked weed? I was probably 16 and Kareem Campbell, he was already smoking, and he got me to smoke one day at the skate park. But I didn't get high, know what I mean?

What made you do it?

What made me do it? Around that time? You know 16 is a weird age. You're thinking in your head that you want to be cool. Peer pressure, man. Peer pressure's a motherfucker. I'm not gonna hate on it cause it happens, but that's how I got introduced to weed. Those commercials are true. Peer pressure, dude.

Whens the first time you realized you were high?

I must've smoked about five times before I realized I got high. The first time I really got high was out of a bong, with bad weed--like the worst kind. If you're familiar with downtown LA I used to buy my weed on 6th and Rampart. You can get fake IDs down there. So that's where I was getting my weed from, which was crazy cause I looked like I was ten years old. But whatever I fucking get that weed and my friend had a bong and I was like "Fuck I never used that before." Let's just say I got really high--like really high. That's when I was still buying bad weed. After that I started buying good weed and ever since then it's been fucking awesome. I been smoking for like 15 years.

You were a pro at smoking before you were a pro at skating?

Oh hell yeah. I could enter a bong rip contest--I'd be up there [with the finalists].

That's your favorite way to smoke?

Yeah. Bongs. I hate pipes cause they burn my mouth. I used to love blunts but that was before--when blunts and 40's were cool, but now I smoke spliffs, man. I smoke cigarettes too and it sucks because I got into smoking cigarettes from smoking spliffs. So pretty much weed has tapped my pockets. I think if didn't smoke weed, I couldve probably bought two houses--in LA. But check it, go to this store in Venice called VAHC and I got my own weed it's called "Diamond D Kush."

Get out of here.

Yeah! Danny Supa got his own weed there too called "Supa Coma."

Get out of here.

Yeah man, VAHC. The address is 421 Rose.

Is that Evidence and Alchemist's store?

Evidence always goes there. I've known Evidence since I was 14 cause we grew up together in Venice. He has his own weed there too. You go in there and you'll see my board up there. You'll see Danny's board. You'll see Evidence's posters. Alchemist's shit is up there too. You ever seen "Grandma's Boys?"


That's a stoner movie. One of the dudes in the movie who sells weed, goes there too.

Tell me a story about you and weed in another place, not California.

Ok I was in New Jersey, right? I was on a tour and we left NC and went to Camden, NJ. We didn't have any weed. Brandon Biebel, he's a big pot smoker too. He asked this random dude in a Cadillac, "Yo where's the chronic at?" The dude says "I'll be right back," and he sold us the worst weed in the world for $60. That sucked, so while we're still in Camden this homie from Philly (I don't want to say his name) hooked it up. We had some good weed from Philly. And New York has good weed too. I've been caught smoking weed in a few states.

What's the craziest state you got caught in?

Don't smoke weed in Arizona. They'll fuck you over there. They got a "no tolerance" policy out there. I had to drive back to Arizona to fix some issues and that sucked. St. Paul, Minnesota was a weird situation too. And it's funny cause every time I've gotten caught, it's been with bad weed. I've never been caught in LA. I'm gonna fucking knock on wood, but every other state I've gotten caught in, it's always been with bad weed.

You're not a Prop 215 patient?

I am.

What are you worried about?

...But they don't care about [Prop 215] outside CA state lines.

What's the best strain you smoked since you been a Prop 215 patient?

213 Kush.

Where'd you get it from?

Venice Alternative Healing Center. My homie's shop. You can catch me down there when I'm not skating.

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