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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Smokin' With Buckshot by Hayes Hemingway

5ft and Buckshot
{Photo by: GoodKarmaPhoto}

Buckshot is one of my favorite rappers and it's been that way ever since Black Moon's 1993 debut, "Enta Da Stage." I have his last two solo albums "Chemistry" and "The Formula," which he made with producer 9th Wonder, and on those he has the same allure on the mic that he's always had: It's pure unadulterated Hip Hop. Over the course of 15 years he's been a dependable force in Hip Hop with Duck Down Records. He's also one of my favorite rappers who loves to smoke. He's smoked with all of your favorite rappers--dead and alive. He got his nickname "Buck the BDI" from Tupac. Buckshot's been running a management company in New York City, since he was 18. That's impressive. They say you can't be anything if you smoke weed, so here's to Buckshot and other weed-smokers who lead extremely productive lives.

How were you first introduced to weed?

The first episode goes like this. I was introduced to weed by my father at the age of five. My father was a heavy weed smoker. I was always curious about it to a certain extent, so he made me smoke weed so I would never want to smoke it again. I actually didn't want to smoke it for a while. Then my older brother, Manny Miller, he introduced me to weed again at the age of ten or eleven--maybe even earlier than that. I smoked with him on a bench. He used to smoke joints. I came inside afterwards and I was really fucked up and high. My oldest brother, who does security for me when I'm on the road, his name is Thor, he's real close to 2Pac and his mom--he put me on to trees when I was a teenager.

The one who really got me into weed was a guy by the name of Prancer. He was one of Special Ed's back up dancers. Special Ed had two backup dancers--Prancer and Kamal. Prancer was the slim one. Prancer was the one who put me back on to weed. I believe it was 1991 going into 1992 and I was at this famous club called Fuse. It was a Hip Hop club in New York City. I was there with 5ft. There was a group of guys in a corner chilling and smoking. Prancer passed it to me and said, "Do you want a hit?" and I don't even think he knew I didn't smoke weed. [In my mind] I was like "Fuck it. I did weed before. I was okay."

So I smoked it and I began to have a lot of hallucinations. Everything became real slow. Unless I looked up at the ceiling, people were moving ten times slower than they actually were moving. I thought that I messed up my eyesight. I thought that [because] I smoked some trees, my eyesight got messed up. I said to myself "Maybe I did something wrong," like I didn't know how to do it.

So I said out loud, "I think I fucked up."

My boy said, "What?"

I said, "I think I fucked my eyesight up."

He said, "Don't worry."

So I said, "Cool," but I was getting panicky. So I looked up at the ceiling and it was black but when I looked up I could see everybody from my peripherals down, moving regularly. So I said to myself, "The only way for me to be normal is if I look up at the ceiling," but when I looked up at the ceiling for more than 5 minutes, that shit became no different.

So again was I buggin' saying, "Yo man, I really think I fucked up."

5ft didn't smoke weed. He said, "Yo son, you aight?"

I said, "Yeah, I'm okay. I'm okay. What's wrong? Why?"

He said, "I'm just asking."

I said, "Yeah, I'm good, I'm good," but as I was saying it 5ft was appearing to me as a person looking through a fish-eye lens. So I was seeing 5 kind of warped. I said, "Calm down Buck, calm down. It's the trees. You gotta relax and you'll get through the night." I relaxed and the next morning I had the same feeling that people have the day after they jump out of a plane, or bungee jump or ride a roller-coaster. I don't do any of those things, so I think that those people are genuinely high. The next day I was thinking to myself what an experience smoking was so I said,

"Can we try that again?"

It was on from there. From that point I was a weed smoker. I would leave 5 and go buy a bag of weed on the low, cause I didn't want to influence anybody or let anybody know that I smoked because I knew that the same thing could probably happen, so I didn't tell anybody. We were doing a Black Moon show and 5ft saw me smoking weed and he was like, "Oh shit, let me get a hit of that." I'm always reluctant to do that and I said, "You're a grown man, just make sure you're good." I passed it to him and from that point on me and 5 just became weed smokers.

I surpassed 5 and pretty much everybody in the Boot Camp when it comes to smoking and it's only because I smoked as a part of my personality. I don't smoke to get high. Smoking doesn't get me high, It just adds continuity to my character. I'm so used to smoking, that when I'm not smoking, I'm agitated. But there are times when you can't smoke and that's just reality. I actually love it more when I can't smoke. I love it when I don't smoke all day. I look forward to smoking it at night.

Like today, I had the kids. I'm the type of person to be like "Oh, you know, that's not my kid, so I'm gonna live life and do things the way I want to do them." Some people have that mentality, or that approach to life. I'm in charge of Boot Camp, and Duck Down and that's like 40 to 50 people on staff not including the help. That's everybody with a title. For me to be with a female and she has children, the first thing 'm going to do is respect the situation and be the general that I am, and that's why a lot of people get shocked at me. I'm not the average person. I don't do the average thing. I don't like the average and I'm into a challenge.

Life is all about challenges to me. So today, I had the kids all day, so I didn't get a chance to burn. I had to go here. I had to go there. I'm in Manhattan in a Chinese restaurant and the table is me, three kids, and my girl. So I'm pretty sure [the other diners] were bugging out. My stepson Fabian that's my little man, he loves music and it's funny because he's not my biological son and he's playing drums on the table, with the chopsticks. Next thing he's blowing the chopstick like a horn. Next thing he started to play another object like a guitar. I don't know where he gets this stuff from. So that was really interesting to me. So we were all out today and I didn't get a chance to chill or burn. I just dropped the kids off so now I'll probably just go burn a spliff or whatever. That's pretty much how it is. I remember reading Snoop say that, and I was amazed like "What do you mean Snoop Dogg isn't burning anymore cause he got kids?" Just having kids or having kids in your prescience whether they're yours or not, it creates an atmosphere of responsibility and that becomes a priority to you, more than blowing trees. Know what I'm saying?

Why do you love Marijuana?

Wow. That's a hard question, man. It's a hard question because I don't know. I don't know, man. It's kind of crazy because my interview conflicts with the whole point of the interview. You know what I'm saying? You're like, "Why do you like trees so much?" and I'm like, "You're talking about a real touchy topic," because I spend more time in the bathroom than anywhere else. I'm not in the bathroom all the time, but the bathroom for some reason is my favorite place because when I do events or shows or outdoor concerts and I want to get away from everybody, I just go in the bathroom. When I'm in the bathroom, I'm comfortable, I'm focused and it seems to be the only place where people go, "Oh okay I know not to disturb you. I'll catch you later." Unfortunately I'm used to that so so much that when I'm home I do the same thing. When I have company, the company will be like, "Where the fuck is Buckshot?" and I'll be in the bathroom, you see what I'm saying?

So again the reason why I love Marijuana so much is because it's a part of my personality. There's really no other way to say it. I went to Amsterdam and I think I mightve fried my brain out. I'm just being honest with you. People out there have crazy strains called "Smoke and Die" and they'll be telling you not to smoke the shit cause it's too potent. I smoked something called Northern Lights Five Times Haze. Some people smoke Northern Lights. Some people smoke Haze. This shit was Northern Lights Five Times Haze. So that's Northern Lights crossed with Haze, five times. I smoked that shit with my man Swan and I was like "Man, listen...." I think I fried my brain. Something was wrong with me or I don't know because I don't get that heavy head high, anymore unless it's that Dr Boombay. That shit has to be called "Can't Breathe," or some shit. Other than that I smoked it all. Northern Lights 5 Times Haze. Haze. Purple Haze. Pink Haze. Strawberry Haze. Blueberry Haze. Black.

Do you think it would be a good idea if marijuana was legalized?

Why not? It should be legalized. Why? It makes no sense that it's not. Nothing I say right now is gonna legalize it, but I can say this. If you mention marijuana, in the context of them legalizing it, on any Late Night show or anywhere these people get happy. Say that about crack, you'll have a different response. Say that about dope. Say that about heroin and you'll have a different response about everything. The craziest shit is that they legalized and taxed the one thing, just to show you the double standard, which is liquor and that's the worst kind of substance. Liquor gets you drunk immediately and it is the one thing that can alter a person's personality. You get drunk and you'll be on some "I don't give a fuck," shit. People get drunk so they don't have to give a fuck. So I don't get it. In every store and on every corner there's liquor. I never seen nobody crash a car on weed. I mean I'm sure there's somebody out there who did, but it was cause they couldn't handle it. I never to this very day seen a commercial that says, "You smoke marijuana, you get Cancer and die. Marijuana gives you Cancer. Don't do it." like they do for cigarettes. I never seen that because they'd be contradicting themselves. They know that.The FDA would love to put out that commercial, but they cant because weed doesn't give you Cancer. They can't legalize it because they can't control it. You can't legalize anything you can't control. Liquor you can control because you have to distill it and bottle it. [The process] becomes too much. You can't be on the corner with a pocket full of liquor. That ain't going down. So the government is like we got you there. As far as legalizing it, I don't know. Maybe one day. I mean it's legal in Frisco. I don't know why it's not legal in New York.

The last thing I'm gonna say is about a smoking challenge. I believe Juelz Santana did it. He was like "I challenge any rapper, no rapper can smoke more weed than me," or something like that. I fucking laughed at that shit. Juelz Santana is my man but I'm like, "Yo son, for you to even say that, means that you're still new with smoking." If you can tell somebody "Come try to smoke me out, I smoke the most!"--you're not a smoker.

When you smoke after a certain number of years that shit becomes [normal] it doesn't matter what form of weed it is. So I can say as far as my tolerance level, blowing it down, I don't think nobody--I smoked with Snoop Dogg, Tupac, everybody and every time I smoke with motherfuckers they're like, "Yo, I'm good."

The only motherfucker that can make me bow down when it comes to smoking and I'll put my house on it, I don't think nobody can smoke more weed than B-Real from Cypress Hill. I don't know what the fuck his lungs is made out of. I can smoke more weed than anybody but I can't smoke more weed than B-Real. I don't think anybody in the world can. This is a motherfucker who can take a hit from an 8-foot bong and inhale the whole thing. I'm not even 6 feet. I wanna give credit and props to the ambassador or the king or whatever it's called, of weed smoking but that nigga's name is B-Real from Cypress Hill.

Cop "Survival Skills," Buckshot's new album with KRS-ONE, which dropped September 15, 2009.

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