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Monday, August 10, 2009

Halo by Aissalogerot

Chainsaws and Jelly needs this really bad for photoshoots. This invention is mighty awesome. Light graffiti is just something of a phenomenon.


Anonymous said...

i don't mean to bust any bubbles but photographers have been doing this for years and years and's called painting with light. and you can do it with a flashlight she she. you should try it out!!

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

hah, i know sofe baby. you aren't busting anyone's bubbles. actually shameful d does a lot of this with a regular little flashlight thingy.

i just like the can action. i was just introducing this invention that you can also change the colors of the lights. which i thought was cool.

ShamefulDesigns said...

haha no worries sofia <3

i just want that light spray can. thats it. if GOD dropped one on my doorstep one day i would shelter it and feed it and change its diaper and everything i swear