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Monday, August 17, 2009

Dan Time. Like Down Time...But Dan Time - Social Websites, Who's the Best?

I'm going to take the top 3 In my opinion MYSPACE.TWITTER.FACEBOOK. And "compare to share".

I just made that phrase up.

Yes, I'm bad ass like that.

Twitter - it seems to be the cats meow. The chest's boobs. The Second Coming. The frozen dinner. The champion. All of anything EVER wonderful.

What it is: a "micro blog". Meaning you talk about what the hell you're doing, while you're at your computer watching YouTube clips(which you can easily share with a quick copy/paste), or walking down the street with your cool smartphone, in about 4 sentences worth of type.

Pros - it's super fun and addictive.

Cons - same, with a couple more... People (some) abuse this "micro" thing and use it like the old AOL chat-rooms we all used to toy around in when we were pimple faced - dial up having "kids". I, personally don't mind reading about what you're doing. On the other hand, sometimes it's too much. I'll admit I've had a "tweetathon" and posted 5 tidbits and rants in the span of a minute. But -I'm me, and I'm sure people LOVED it.

Joke...sorta. ;)

FACEBOOK - this is probably the most mature and friendly of the sites. It's a Myspace type deal. Post pics. Add Friends. Flirt with honey's. Boost Your Ego...with a little class.

Pros - it's got a smooth look. A status update feature that usually starts with your name, and ends with a "is blah blah blah". It's also easy to use for the "Internet's functioning retards" aka anyone over 50. No offense but...

You ever try to explain a blog to your parents? It's like them trying to explain to me that shitting in a diaper would no longer be cool when I was 2 years old.


It's also easy for you to find OLD FRIENDS. I'm talking "people you owe money" old. Which leads to the cons..

Cons - it's too frikken easy to get found on this site. I typed in my high school and BAM, I got 60 "friends" in about 4 minutes. It's also tough to get around if you want to add pics, and write notes. If I had to compare it to someone - I think Steve Jobs mixed with a little bit of Andy Dick. No?

Than there's the "Space".

I love Myspace, and always will. It's my first love. It's edgy. It's dirty. It's "the bad part of town" in the Internet.

When ever I go on there I get that feeling I get when I leave Jersey for more than a week and come back. It's like - I dont know why I do it, but it's home, and dammit I love this town!

Pros - it's super convenient. It's the only site that has a status update/micro blog section. A personal blog section. Music section. E-mail...etc. All on one easy to use page.

Sure it took a while (maybe too long) for them to fix the kinks. I.e. Adding friends without surfing through a million pages. Fixing the friend filters. Multiple recipients for mail...An all that.

But guess what? It's all there now!

Cons - Ads! There's ads EVERWHERE! Spam EVErYWHERE! Very bad Musicians adding you, and posting flyers and all types of wackness EVERYWHERE! Fake people, "spambots" EVERYWHERE!! Myspace was started by a web company who specialized in ads and marketing, so it's geared towards that. Next time you change your bio certain words trigger what your ads will be. For instance if a
Musician types in Wu Tang as an influence, expect Wu Tang ads in the little sidebars. Hardly a nuisance, but suspect. And they never did fix the "instant messaging" app. Oh well.

In all...

Myspace is still the bread and butter for social sites. It's the easiest to use (considering content) and the OG of this web shit.

Twitter comes in second because it's easy, and fun.

FaceBook - I like A LOT... But, it's too easy to get on the grid.

Pretty/Ugly coming soon!!!


P.S. Greatest website ever?

Chainsaws and Jelly - DOYEEEE! <---- bringing it back!


Anonymous said...

i'm a tumblr junkie.


GDP said...

well done my boy. you speak beautifully. pause. ps- you need to post this video on your website it is art-