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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Black Lipstick

{Photo via ffffound}

Black lipstick is my rage!

I currently own a black lipgloss from Matisse. I mix it with my dark red lipstick to get a blood cherry color. Feel me?

The trick not to look all ghoulish is to top it off with a nice gloss even some sort of shimmer gloss to make it all fun. Keep your face natural w/ a hint of a rosy blush so you aren't mistaken for the dead. You can still do a nice black eyeliner. I like the winged look with black lipstick. Also try mixing different reds with the black. Experimentation is always the key. Preference is key too. I like the dead couture look but that's just me.

Try: Smashbox's Photo Finish lipstick in Enchanting

Cheaper: Wet n Wild or even Hot Topic's black lipstick should be a lot cheaper. Now mix it with your choice of a gloss and/or red lipstick and you'll get that blood cherry color.

{the vampire chronicles}

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