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Monday, July 06, 2009

Dan Time. Like Down Time...But Dan Time - Tour Journal

Currently I'm in Gainesville FLA, and truthfully I'm a little off.

So, we finally get the motor in the van fixed - and boom - on our drive down here, our tire pops while driving.

I don't know how to take this (pause) - it's either someone doesn't want us to finish this tour, or this is an awesome test.

Right now I'm sick with a fever - and I kind of want to crawl into a hole until show time every night.

It's real though.

Still haven't had great BBQ in the south. Imma find it though.

I'm actually finishing this post in the ER. My fever got a little annoying, and is makin me cranky - so I figures I'd get some antibiotics to drug me up and make me the man we all love.


I've been waiting for a while now. Hoping I get seen soon.

It's cold in here, and I have to take a dump.


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