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Friday, July 24, 2009

BLOG ♥: Creep Street

Anything that has to do with "creep and/or creepy" rests here on Chainsaws and Jelly. Sheena She is the creepiest of them all, if you don't know. Hah.

Ok, so Creep Street, they'll keep you entertained and stylin'. Plus, they have some of the creepiest shirts in their shop. Below are my picks. The first one is SOLD OUT. Kind of bummed because that screams SHE SHE. The heather gray tank is on my wishlist as well as the underwear. Viva CREEPY!

They also have a blog which I must say is bananas. You know some T&A and plenty of humor.

Link ♥:

Link ♥:


Icy's Fashion Blog said...

cute shirts! swing by my blog sometime!


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