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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweater Weather by Michael Cardigan

I have seen the 80s and 90s go out only to return again but I wonder if Overalls can ever make a comeback?
If they cant then how in the world did we ever allow them to get in style the first time?

In a move that you would think should have been done long before Mos Def releases his album through a music tee.
The T Shirt has The Ecstatic's cover art on the front, the tracklisting on the back, and a code for a downloadable version
of the album on a tag.

So after the theft of Pradas Americas Cup silhouette Fila is at least not stealing as hard with their recent collab with ALIFE RIVINGTON.
If they focused on making something interesting instead of being reactive they could actually be one to watch in a seaon or two.

1 comment:

KERS HLH said...

Is it me or are them kicks fucking ugly?!?!