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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sweater Weather by Michael Cardigan

Weather Ad-visory
It is not a hat and it is not a sweatband. It is a rebel somewhere in between and it is soon due for a comeback. Yes it’s the visor it falls right in the all hail the prep movement. Its function is simple but most people toss all that aside and flip it upside . Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is not an endorsement of the visor but more of an actual warning. BE AFRAID

5o’clock shadow
Why are Jim Jones (the rapper) and I sporting one?
Because, just like my lack of socks We just do not have the time. If you have the time you most likely aren’t working as hard as we are or at least that’s what I hope you believe. Studies show women are more attacted to men in beards it denotes verility.

The Fit
Yes the fit is important but how do we achieve this on our own? You don’t, hence the existence of tailors. Haberdashery would be the go to term for all things associated with this fine art. I know you are thinking but I do not know of any but umm the dry cleaner does more then well dry clean. Find out how they can fix those jeans that keep dragging.

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