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Monday, June 22, 2009

Polite Conversations | Kerri of Good Wood NYC

It's been a while since the last Chainsaws & Jelly "Polite Conversations." Busy Sheena took time out to do a small conversation with Good Wood NYC's founder, Kerri O'Connell. Enjoy!

How did Good Wood NYC come about?
GoodWoodNYC came from me wanting to make my own designs on multi-finger rings. I made a few by hand and they sold quickly so I kept making more..

As the designer and the founder, things must be hectic. How do you manage your time?
As best I can. Most days i'm making products and taking orders, then running around to different places for meetings or events. I usually have the last few hours of the day to myself.

I'm pretty sure you love hip hop. Who are your influences?
My 2 favorites are Biggie and Nas. I grew up listening to hip hop so I've been influenced by the whole culture.

Good Wood NYC is a well known name. Are there any new projects coming up? Expanding?
There are a lot of collaborations in the works. You'll be able to get GoodWood at more locations very soon. New product are on the way for mid-Summer.

What's the weirdest custom design a customer has asked for?

Someone ordered a pendant of the Silver Surfers body, but with his friends face on it. I think it was a gift, it was funny.

Considering the economy being shitty as it is, has it affected the business in any way?
Sure, I started GoodWoodNYC about a year and a half ago right when the economy was dropping. Our sales have been going up for the most part but a lot of stores are not buying like they used to. I think things will move forward soon.

Thanks for taking some time out for this conversation. Any last thoughts?
Thanks for the polite conversation, and thank you to everyone who supports GoodWood. Peace.


Miss Famous said...

Sweet! We now sell GoodWood NYC products as well, and I'm so excited.. not sure if I'm going to wear them all or sell them! LOL!

Amazing Grace said...

Wow!! I love GoodWood!!! I featured this site on my radio show,