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Thursday, June 25, 2009

High Life by Hayes Hemingway

HH and his right hand man, Mr. THC

I always had an excited anticipation when it came to the Hemp Factory. They were stuck in a strip mall that had odd stores and it was a dirty looking strip mall at that. There was an oversized smoke shop, an insurance company, a cheap wireless service store, the dispensary, a cheesesteak store, as well as a water store that also sold sneakers and t-shirts. Just on grime alone I wouldn't come to this strip mall, but because of the Hemp Factory I felt like it could be in no better place than dirty ass Hollywood.

On this day I just had a desire to disappear from society and walking in there I knew I would be enabled to do so. Behind the black tinted windows was a palace of pot. The burly security guard was on his blackberry. He shot me a glance and said, "Returning?" I said, "Yeah," and he signaled to the secretary to verify that my recommendation was valid. I said, "I'm bringing him in," and pointed to my friend. After the secretary verified our information, he gave the security guard the "thumbs up" and we were allowed to go in.

Inside there was a table with pamphlets and advertisements for doctors and dispensaries. Next to that table were plants for sale in various stages of growth. None budding though. There were some plants on shelves in racks and some on the floor in pots. The plants started at $10. And then there was the counter with glass display windows, with the scale sitting on top of it. Next to it were a bunch of jars but I focused only on the menu. I saw about 8 strains ranging from $15 to $25 a gram and the one I settled on after checking it out by smell was Blackberry OG Kush. It was as fragrant as it was beautiful and it went for $55 an 1/8th.

But there was Silver Haze for $15 a gram and I really felt convinced that it was a steal for the price, so I got one. When I got home I rolled some up and I didn't feel anything. I was puzzled. I rolled some more up and nothing happened. By the time I rolled the third el it was very late, so I was hoping my fatigue would contribute to how high I got, but it didn't. No matter how much of it I smoked, Silver Haze didn't get me high enough. The following morning I rolled the remainder and still I felt disappointed. The high was a 4 out of ten.

About 7 hours after feeling dissatisfied with the Silver Haze, I smoked the Blackberry OG Kush in a Vanilla Dutch. I was in a car with two friends cruising on the Santa Monica Highway. Prior to that I split a Medible rice krispie treat with one of the passengers. We were going on a 15 minute drive to Hollywood. The bud had a nice taste and you could feel the effects immediately. It gave me a nice full-body high. I'd say it was a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. By the time we got out of the car I was nicely relaxed and sedated. Right after that we waited in line for a half an hour to get into a party to watch the NBA Finals and I didn't complain once.

Lavender interested me because even though it was $20 a gram, an 8th went for $45. The buds were fluffy and dark. It didn't have a crazy smell to it but it looked like it would get you really high. It came highly recommended. I split an eighth with my friend and rolled two blunts of it for the Finals party. If I wasn't high I wouldn't have been able to stand the entire time we were there. We posted up right on the bar to watch the game. Mid-way into the first quarter my high wore off. Around the second quarter we smoked a blunt of Lavender. Lavender was extremely tasty and fragrant. It was a sativa so it took the body high I got from the Blackberry OG Kush, and re-stimulated it mentally. A girl smelled the smoke I exhaled and flashed me the thumbs up sign with a smile. My mind was incredibly active and I felt positively energized. Another 7 out of ten.

At halftime I found myself breaking up some LA Confidential in a dollar bill on the bar counter. The bartender flashed me a dirty look so I moved to the end of the bar. A patron did me a favor by moving a cooler to block what I was doing. I handed the broken-up marijuana to my friend who rolled it up. So half a rice krispie treat, and two blunts in, I was feeling nice. I thought LA Confidential was going to put me under but it made everything right. It put a perma-grin on my face. A girl asked me where I got it from, and I didn't want to tell her my friend's dad grew it, so I just acted like I didn't hear her. I felt like I should've lied to her and told her I could get it for her, anyways, but she didn't seem like she wanted my contact information. So I left it alone. Minutes later she pulled out a small bowl and packed it for her and her friend.

The last el of Lavender was smoked when it was official that the Lakers had won the championship. By that time I was tired and thoroughly high. Everyone I spoke to said, "Damn, you look high as hell." They were right.

I was so high I forgot I told my friend to meet me there. I didn't think she was really going to show, but she did. I was happy she showed up because I needed to do something about the munchies I was suffering from. I told the two friends I showed up with that I was getting a ride with my friend and we said goodnight. Eating In N Out Burger was the last thing I remember, and falling asleep very easily.

Thanks Hemp Factory.

Photos by Lem.

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