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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Giveaway Thursdays!

Miss Famous Store is a small boutique featuring all the cuteness that our lovely hearts desire! Chainsaws and Jelly has teamed up for our first giveaway and we are all so excited! The winner for the giveaway gets this lovely NEW JERSEY pendant, the state that we rep real hard!

All you need to do is subscribe below to the
Miss Famous Store mailing list. You must also comment on this post regarding which items you loved from the boutique AND what you enjoy reading on Chainsaws and Jelly. Please do both! Can't get any simpler than that!

While you're at it, follow Chainsaws and Jelly! We always love to see new readers! Please spread the word about this great giveaway, the more entries the better!

The giveaway ends on June 18th by 5pm Eastern time.
So ladies and/or gents, get on cracking!

Loves and hugs,
Sheena She
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Anonymous said...

love the mixtape pendant! (^_^)
zebra scarfs...all about that!

&&always rep NJ...hard!!!

Anonymous said...

love the jersey outline chain and the camera one too.....

and i love the mens fashion you do on helpful, and jus overall fresh!!! keep doing your thing!


ShamefulDesigns said...

theres actually alot of sick pendants they got there. NJ beats illinois and cali anyday tho.

Dani' said...

From Miss Famous I like-the mix tape necklace and the camera one on the giveaway box. Alas it is gone. And on here I like street art pics.

rockith woody said...

oh look. i found it

TanĂ­a said...

I love the camera necklace!!! oh and the mixtape necklace!!

i love chainsaws because you keep giving me reasons to stay in Jersey[lmao]. it's nice to know that there is some other unique individual from Newark..haha

much love.

arielthequeen said...

i love everything, especially the jersey necklace and the zebra shirttss.

Unknown said...

obviously me gusta the jersey charm.. and the tree charm.. and the mixtape charm.. and the lightning bolt.. and the shirts are dope.. too bad i'm like super fat! `=P

GAGI said...

of coure my fav is the mixtape :) i remember poppin tapes and recording late night bobbito shows on tapes and waking up in the middle of the night to flip the tape over and tape ... i love the way that c&j puts me on to the various art. i always know that i can come here and find something that i wouldn't see on another blog. its great having someone out of newark promoting such a movement in the scene. keep on keepin on xoxo