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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dan Time. Like Down Time...But Dan Time - Tour Journal

So the first four days of the tour were awesome. Jersey was great. You can check a little bit about it at Of course, they left the me out of the article. :( ha! It's all Good.

Philly was Rough. Like - "what the hell happened here?" rough.

The show was fun though. Local kids came through. Made it a night.

Keg Stands
Gun Shots
And a random man with a neck tattoo waltzing in at 3am to party.

GDP and Pistol are killing it.

New highlite - DJ Kre8 aka Pier V aka DJ Faggy Smokes aka Hair Wonder.

This dude is playing some of the wildest electro shit.

Then there was Baltimore.

Baltimore - let's say - was filled with promise, that quickly turned into the show almost being cancelled.

Followed by a performance by a guys with goggles and a flat iron for a mic. YES IT WAS THAT SERIOUS.

This morning (Tuesday) I woke up to a police officer asking me to step out of the car repeatedly asking "where's the marijuana?" in the deepest of southern accents.

I buy e z widers for my Zig Zags.

Ha! That sounds like some Christopher walken would say.

So yeah after getting frisked and humiliated in front of a parking lot full of people... the He/She chuckles and says "well, you guys don't look nervous - so I'll let you go on now - feel free to use the facilities".

What a send off!

Video soon.


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