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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweater Weather by Michael Cardigan

Summer Sweater:

Welcome to Sweater Weather with Michael Cardigan. No sweaters won't be the only thing we discuss but what better place to start. Especially as this London Fog–esque weather continues to taunt what should be a cerulean blue sky. I think of the need of summer sweaters. Yes, you read that right summer sweaters. Do not tell me you have not gone into a restaurant or building and ran into some over zealous air conditioning coordinator who is not making a secret about building an igloo. Cashmere is the preferred knit. Cashmere is woven from the hair of goats in Mongolia with the hairs on the underbelly being the most expensive. A poly blend works well to but will never have the same awesome back story. Be adventurous try something in a bright hue and pair it with pants.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that polo sweater is dope.....but the jcrew one is great for the price! 29.95! you cant beat that!