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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So Different, So Alike by Daniel Joseph

I am a fan of Music - Big Fan.

There's nothing like waking up in the morning throwing your favorite song on to motivate you for the day. I just love how music can take us away from it all. I also love that If a therapist ever read my blogs he'd figure out how I stray away from "Real Life" situations as much as I can.

Back on track - I was listening to the Asher Roth mixtape, Than I put on "Welcome To Detroit"by J Dilla.

They are both hip hop, they are both dope(my opinion).

But- They gave me different feels.

Asher Roth made me wanna go to a Keg Party and Play "Polish Golf", with Pretty Girls and Potato Chip Crumbs EVERYWHERE.

J Dilla motivated me, and made me want to Wear ALL BLACK and sit in a Really Big Car with Big rims, on my way to a BIG SHOW.

Totally different sounds, but both built up fantasy.

That's the beauty of good music. It will paint a picture for you.

It's funny how the stuff I hear in clubs only REMINDS ME of that time I WAS AT A CLUB.

Every Generation is going to Complain about the state of music.

I say we just start looking for it, if that's what it takes.

ASHER ROTH (Roth Boys)

J DILLA (Welcome To Detroit)


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