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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Schizophrenic Love

Across cyberspace, and all up in your interface--it is with technically-advanced pleasureness that we present to you, Pretty Buoyant Society: a hi-octane force of musical extravagance that finds its roots in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and perhaps some corners of America. PBS ambassadors Drizzletron (of iLL-Literacy) and DJ Phatrick serve a first taste entitled "Schizophrenic Love," a tale of romance so forlorn, the volcanic powers of the lava lady Golda Supernova had to be summoned. Add the eruptive heat from the b-side "Hot Chocolate," and you have the most delicious download your hard drive will ever coax into its cache.

Download it here:

Thanks for the link, Adriel!!

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