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Friday, April 10, 2009

One More Day!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I know you all are trying to find out who's the next creepy girl for today but I will have to do a complete post next week. These few days have been amazing! And I've been running around doing things for the RED VELVET event.

Everything is coming together and all you have to do is show your handsome and pretty faces tomorrow night for a great event and party.

And here it is! The anticipated event in Jersey!

Yes, I have been counting down and promoting it like real deal.
I want to thank everyone that is involved because without them, there really won't be an event.

From the bottom of my heart and for a great cause, the AIDS benefit, let's all give each other hugs tomorrow night!


Since said...

Congrats.. this is big!

sofe baby said...

i am promoting the thing! ;) so excited.