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Monday, April 06, 2009

BlackFlag Shoppe & Division East Parties

With the nice weather and good time spirits, we had an awesome time over the weekend. First up, we started off with some of Jersey's emcees in the building at BlackFlag. It was jam packed. Besides the fact that some kid's hair was caught on fire due to the candles and someone stole a hat from the store (YOU ARE WACK!) the vibe was incredible. BlackFlag is good peoples and they serve the community well. Shop Locally!

Next we headed to Division East warehouse fundraiser and again it was filled with good times. It was an incredible, memorable night with mosh pits and outdoor bathroom use. Skateboarding everywhere and I danced with my ladies. It was good to see people that I haven't seen in a long time. 2009 is going great for everyone in New Jersey.

We had the opportunity to pass out fliers to drunk people and shout outs to remind everyone about April 11th RED VELVET party/event which is really dope that everyone is passing the good word around. I had people come up to me saying they are coming to the RED VELVET party. I also had the time to talk to a Source magazine photographer, Tom Medvedich, who did the cover of Source with Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, and recently T.I. He asked about Chainsaws and Jelly and also told me that he will be making out to the RED VELVET event. That's what's up!!! Shout to Que Smith of Peace Denim Company who will also support the RED VELVET party.

Get it branded somewhere, remember the date APRIL 11TH, Saturday opening reception 8pm at Jajo Gallery 77 Orange Street Newark. Be there or you'll definitely get butt punched by Sheena She.

Please visit BlackFlag Shoppe and Division East.

More pictures will be surfacing in the internet about this weekend.

Photos by: Wilmarie Sena (thank you sweetie!)


Anonymous said...

What if want to be butt punched??

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

Lol. Hmm does that mean you aren't coming to RED VELVET?

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

e-mail me your number so i can invite you next time. i sorry samer. i post things and assume people read it. lol.

RewMec said...

Yeah, I agree. Really, Really good times. I just wish I had my own skate-board! I'll talk to Dave Dowd and see if I order one with my face on it. lol.


Chainsaws & Jelly said...

do it!!!!! lol. i'll buy it and you sign it ok!

RNN said...

yo seriously u dont want to get butt punch!! i cant sit for a week now =/

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

listen Rob, you will get butt punched, where are the pictures!

RNN said...

the pics r in my camera... im surprise u remember my name.... lol

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

you're my filipino brother! of course i remember your name!