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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dan Time. Like Down Time...But Dan Time - Slip Ons

The lazy man's shoe consists of nothing but form fitting material held together by rubber.
Some call it the "House Shoe" some just call them "Slips".
I call them "Awesome"
Awesome's are the best for cooking too. Nothing like frying up an egg wearing something that looks like you should be frying an egg in. NOT MY POINT THOUGH.
Make Life a little easier. This "recession" has us all feeling like the wedgy from hell has attatched itself to our asses. People losing jobs, homes, friday night binge drinking...etc
Let's all make a promise to live a little easier.
Here are some things to do, Dan Style o'course.
  • - Take a dump in the dark - Energy Bills are probably one of the most annoying bills one can get because you can't predict the amount you have to shell out each month. Why not release yo' delf in the dark. Light a candle, or a couple.
  • - Take advantage of coupons - We all have that one family member who will bring in the 15 cents off of a purchase of $1.00 coupon. They knew/know what they were doing. I bet they have a little extra to spend in this melt down.
  • - Drink Water - Water tastes like nothing, and guess what? It also costs the same. You can get pretty good filters for a little over 20 bucks, or you can shell out a little of your coupon savings for a really good one. Well worth the pricing. Plus its healthy. [side note]: what the hell was Coke thinking with the 100 calorie cans? 4 bucks for 8 cans of carbonated syrup made for santa's little helpers. If you're going to drink a can of coke - might as well drink the full sized can of poison.
  • - Buy in Bulk - I'm not talking 1 gallon jars of mayo. That's just NASTY. Go IN when you shop though. If you eat a lot of bread get the packs of 4. If you smoke a lot of weed - Buy an ounce.
  • - Burn down your neighborhood Fast Food restaraunt - Black Mask, Matches, Gasoline...Just kidding. But seriously. If you live in a neighorhood with family owned usually get better deals, and enough to save for lunch the next day. 7 dollars for a big mac, fries, and a heart attack just doesn't add up.
  • - Public Transport or Walk - WAAAAAAY Cheaper than driving. Even though gas isn't as expensive as it was this time last year, it's still cheaper. Plus it's not your fault if your late to work, get into an accident...etc.
Things I could Have mentioned, but didn't..
Shop Lift
Live in the Forest
Invent something awesome

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Anonymous said...

This was really helpful in a funny way. Thanks Dan time! High fives.