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Monday, March 09, 2009

Dan Time. Like Down Time..But Dan Time - Cookies, Crack, and Walking a Dog

Supposedly my favorite rapper of all time - Coolio got caught trying to bring crack on to some kind of vessel. I've heard of celebreties being addicted to crack, Coolio looked like he was hittin' "rock bottom" before he was in the spotlight.

Fantastic Voyage was definitely something a Crack Head would write. Then again, so would someone who smokes anyways.

Crack is scary. I don't know from personal experience, but I've seen "crack heads" before. They sing, they dance, they tell you that they need 4 cents for a chicken sandwich.
My crack?

Cookies. I'm addicted to cookies. Oreos, Chips A hoy. Nilla Wafers. Even Stella Dora Sticks.
I should quit though. I have to give up this addiction. Sugar is a hoot.
Sugar is that friend that influences you to do things like throw a rock at a stop sign.

It's random. Ever Had a Sugar Rush?

Tell me you didn't say or do anything out of this world.

Since She-Bangs is sick. I'm going to take over chainsaws and jelly for a while.
So get ready for links to Sports stories and Ugly Sweaters.

What does this have to do with walking a dog?

That's why I have to stop typing. I have to Walk Chance - The WONDER Dog.

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