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Friday, March 13, 2009

Creepy Girl: Kristen Stewart

Loved what she had to say in the newest issue of Nylon magazine. Down to earth and shies away from the press. I like that. I like the picture of her smoking a bowl and she locked lips with Robert Pattinson. Thanks Kristen!


BetseyJ said...

LOVE her so much.

she's so down to earth.
i'm pretty sure she and i could be friends.




Anonymous said...

i like her!!!!!
sometimes i feel horrible bcuz robert gets so much more recognition for his role in twilight.. but she didn't go to the oscars.. oscars right?.. bcuz she said she didn't wanna be there unless she was there representing a GOOD film.. BUUUUUURN.. i must agree.. the movie sucked butt!!.. i only like it bcuz of the twilight books!!!.. anyway.. it looks like i'm writing a novel right here.. `=P hasta later partna!!.. i don't have a car so i'll be jogging to your house to work out tomorrow.. crazzy huh!.. i just ate at a buffet in AC.. i guess i should be jogging there anyway!!.. BUUURRRRN FATTT BUUURRRNN!!


Chainsaws & Jelly said...

Betsey - I agree, we can all go out and get coffee together or smoke a bowl with Kristen :)

Teenie - I can't help but laugh at the ending because I can hear you say it in your voice. I miss you. I'm feeling better. I'm going to bed early so we can jog in the park or something. Let's do this. Love Kristen and her spunk.