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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Gina read my tarot-scope last night. And my animal totem for the year was the bear. I must say everything she read to me was on point. It was really inspiring.


Card : Man of Cups (Surfer)
Stone : Amazonite (Personal Truth)
Herb : Lobelia
Animal totem : Bear (Contemplation)

The Man of Cups indicates a year in which you are likely going to find yourself achieving a sense of emotional maturity and stability. You seem to be reaching a point of healing, or you may have found the right person to aid you in your healing process. This can be a year in which you are experiencing a depth of emotion and connection to yourself and the world around you that goes beyond what you might have known or experienced before. A relationship may feel as if it has grown and reached a new level. You may come into a relationship with someone who is emotionally stable and giving. This is a year in which you understand how to be in control of your emotions while also allowing yourself to be emotionally expressive, when control doesn't (have to) mean holding back or holding in. Strive for emotional openness and trust. It's okay. And the person you're opening up to will likely not betray that trust. Be conscious of your emotional states so that you can maintain an emotional equilibrium, knowing which emotions to go with and which to let pass. Let this be a year in which you are willing to do some exploration and healing work around those emotions that may have been deeply buried because they are scary emotions to navigate and deal with. Be willing to dive into those emotions in the coming year in order to understand them. Go with the flow and relax into where the current of life wants to take you while understanding that you only have control, ultimately, over yourself. The Man of Cups calls upon you to make this a year in which you develop yourself emotional, spiritually, creatively and psychically. Go within to discover what is in the depths. Go deeper in order to immerse yourself. And then let what you discover be brought forth and flow out into the world to connect with and benefit others as well.

Amazonite helps you to remember the importance of expressing your personal truth through your words and actions. Live according to your truth in order to gain a sense of trust in yourself, first, and then to be able to open up and trust others. Amazonite helps us to stop living our life in order to please others. Amazonite helps us to stop hiding our feelings in order to not cause waves and upset anyone or anything, but to instead be willing to let our feelings be expressed in a way that is honest and truthful without being malicious and with harmful intention. You don't have to make someone feel guilty in order to let them know they have done something to hurt you. Saying you're sorry can be far more healing than letting something go unacknowledged so that there is always an undercurrent of anger or resentment or hurt. Amazonite helps you to declare your mind and heart openly and honestly, to no longer repress how you feel or what you have to express to the world out of fear that it might upset.

Lobelia is an herb used to attract love. It is also used to stop an oncoming storm. This can be an herb that can assist in halting the oncoming tempest of an argument or emotionally upsetting situation, perhaps helping to remind us to express ourselves and deal with the situation when it happens rather than letting it build up and up and up to a hurricane of massive proportions. A little rain never hurt anything. A massive hurricane can destroy everything in its path. Lobelia is used for asthma and lung problems. It can help us to remember how to breathe in order to calm down and deal with things in a more focused and conducive manner.

Bear reminds you throughout the coming year that in order to achieve what we aspire to, we need to go within. Listen to the inner voice, for it holds the guidance we seek if we are simply willing to quiet ourselves and listen. You know what you need, now quiet the external chatter in order to hear what your own inner voice is trying to reveal to you. Bear is a harbinger of deep and great transformation. Bear helps us to be patient, to wait and to listen when it comes rather than forcing it to come when we want or expect it to. Bear helps us to remember what we really want, and to then be willing to make the necessary changes in order to start fresh and anew in order to create our lives as we really want them to be rather than simply settling for how they are because that's easier and safer. There is nothing in life that can't be changed. So be patient in waiting and listening for the guidance and answers your seek. But then, when they come, take action ! You can only get to the next step by taking the first one. Your intuition may be working overtime in the coming year. Keep a dream journal...always have something on hand to make a note of those flashes of inspiration and intuition when they come, for they will likely come at any moment.


Anonymous said...

yesss. these are so good! mine was incredible. makes me realize how much my life is going in the right direction.

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

exactly!! sooo exact!

Jeff Ramos said...

that's so funny since my favorite animal is an Air Whale and this says my animal is the whale!