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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dan Time. Like Down Time..But Dan Time - NOW WHAT?!

The Bowl of Football is over, it's cold (here) and network television is almost at it's what?

Well, here at Chainsaws and Jelly, I sat down and says to myself "give them something to do".

Here's a list of AWESOME to get ready for - According to me o'course.

Baseball Season - I know it's the "Nation's Past-Time" but you know what? It's still something to get excited for. Nothing like going to see a baseball game and inhaling hot dogs, beer, and ice cream while wondering how the hell they got that grass to look so nice. Oh yeah, there's a game to watch too.

The Return of Cable TV Series - Flight of the Concords comes back, that's just a great way to lead into Entourage and Weeds. Nothing like perverse folk songs to get you pumped for envy and wonder.

Valentine's Day - A - The day that every man wishes was just that. A day.But no, it's THE day to turn these big frames of testosterone and nerve into a puppy commercial. It's the only day of the year you find men at the store NOT KNOWING what to get. Flowers and Teddy Bears. Cards and Dinner. RED EVERYWHERE. The mass murder of all things Man is Valentines day. For What? For a little extra ::wink, wink:: with the ::wink, wink::

NBA All-Star Weekend - A weekend with nothing but highlights, and overpaid tall people. The Dunk Contest is always cool. Nothing will ever top Jordan - Wilkins.

SPRING - My Favorite time of the year. New Life. Better weather. Brighter Clothes. Truthfully, I just can't wait until the sun stays up a little longer. It also gives me an excuse to answer the door in shorts at 3pm for the Fed Ex delivery without regret and shame.

Pretty/Ugly - That's right.

I dunno what else.

We'll figure it out. It's always better to find out things on your own anyway. Who needs direction? As long as the shelves hold the weight, why care if it's tilting at an alarming degree.


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