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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chainsaws and Jelly: Do the Right Thing!

I've been multi-tasking, having these ideas bake inside my head and out comes a good cause. We are all capable of doing good things. A good tip when doing good things is: don't ever expect anything back. Then what's the whole point of doing good? It's the feeling, dummies.

Part of 2009 is enjoying life. Whatever it may be, just go for the gusto. Remember that when pursuing anything. We all can but others just choose otherwise. I've been learning lessons on my own because not everyone follows the same path. Some people have called me a "people pleaser" but you know what I've learned to stop with that and just do. Forget the talk, just do it. Easy, right? I bring to you, RED VELVET.

This is a very, very important event for me as well as everyone that is involved. It's more of a party than an actual show even if there are people performing. It's all good times, no drama necessary. This is for a good cause. This is for the (RED) charity. Meaning AIDS. Proceeds will be donated to the AIDS charity. First 100 people who pay the $5 donation will be receiving a gift bag. Please note that not all gift bags are alike. Surprise!

There will be a bake sale of brownies and cupcakes. And free giveaways throughout the night. Enjoy the art and if you like it, there will be a silent auction for the RED pieces.

Come all and just have a good time. Enjoy performances by Nobs, Syah, and The Whoods Family Band. Artwork and photography by: Then, Ginamarr, Mark Portillo, Jessica Griffo, Rosemary, Sofia Tome, and Anthony Pereira.

I want to thank Jajo Gallery for adopting me! And all the sponsors: KupiArt (more props for the flyer!), Warfair, Division East, Day in the Lyfe, BlackFlag Shoppe, Frank 151 Distro League, Tough Love NYC, Inca Kola, Secret Society, The Tomorrow People, Syllabuzz Magazine, Evolved Athletic, Graffiti Comix, Fusicology, Brainstorm, and Delinquent Soundz Entertainment.

Thank you all for making things happen in 2009. Pull ya pants up!


Anonymous said...

i am so proud of you. you are fucking amazing.

Chainsaws & Jelly said...