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Monday, January 05, 2009

Sixteen Was a Good Year

My best friend, Gina marr, just had a great post on her blog, hello jupiter, about (16) facts about yourself and tagged me. Sweeet! Enjoy these sixteen random facts about me.

1. I'm a southpaw.
2. I love Schweppes ginger ale. Please no Seagrams.
3. I'm the oldest in my family. I have 2 brothers, Jed and Gabby.
4. I believe in UFO's. I saw one when I was in Texas. Ask me about it.
5. I go with the flow. "Sheena, what do you want to do?" "I don't know, it doesn't matter to me."
6. I was born in the Philippines and came to America when I was a year old and went back to visit the Philippines when I was 16.
7. I'm a packrat. I especially keep everything from all the shows I go to. Some old journals, poetry, and school schtuffs.
8. I've broken my arms. Not in the same time!
9. I have a backwards way of speaking. Please bring a dictionary.
10. Lolita Lumpicka is my favorite perfume.
11. I can put together a complete skateboard but don't know how to skate.
12. I'm planning to write a story about my mom's life.
13. I've never gone to Disney World nor Disney Land.
14. English is my second language.
15. When I was a freshman in high school, I had all of my wisdom teeth pulled out at once, and walked around school looking like a chipmunk. I would put my hand over it and people would ask me why I was doing that and I'd show them my extreme swollen face. I was a potato head.
16. I was so bored in Texas, that I spent most of my time in the library and learned how to build a website using HTML. Nerd!

Tell me 16 facts about yourself! You can post it here or if you have a blog, make a post up for yourself and tag me and other people who should join in the fun. I am tagging: Nana, Seyran, and Jeff Ramos!


Anonymous said...

1. I only drink Coke when it comes to cola, anything else is like cheating on Lisa!!!

2. I wrote my 1st rhyme when I was 9, & it was wack as fuck!!!

3. As much as I hate Florida, I always seem to go there every year for vacation!!!

4. I can't stand assholes who wear socks with sandals, defeats the fucking purpose!!!

5. Just like the assholes in #4, I can't stand people who rock Fatigues with sneakers!!!

6. I'm half Polock, half Puerto Rock. That makes me a Polorican or a Boricua-ski!!!

7. I didn't graduate High School. No wonder I got a shitty warehouse job!!!

8. After 20+ years, I finally quit smoking stogies. Just stogies though (ahahaha), & did it cold turkey!!!

9. I only left the country once & that was a road trip to Niagra Falls.

10. I hate loving the Knicks!!!

11. I could drink anything at room temperature.

12. When I was 10, I had these dope burgandy w/black soles pro keds on & tried to hop this fence right, my foot got stuck & I fell onto this big ass pile of ice & ruptured my spleen. I will never wear pro keds ever again.

13. Every Friday for lunch, I eat Shrimp soup from the peruvian bodega by my job. That shit is bangin!!!

14. Like 9 years ago, my boy John from my old job gave me $1400 in 20's in a photo envelope so I can buy the MPC2000xl since I got him back into DJin!!!

15. I always wanted to go to Japan.

16. I'm 30+ years old & never had my drivers license!!!

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

#6 - all the years i've known you, didn't know you were a potato peeler.

#8 - i'm trying to do that now!

#12 - OUCH!

#13 - i'd like to eat some of that shrimp soup..damn!

Anonymous said...

hahaha awesome! great stuffff

Anonymous said...

1. I drink WATER never soda.

2. I was born and raised in Ecuador until I was 10. And I love that.

3. Pizza is my least favorite food and so is pasta. does that make me weird?!!

4. I can't stand matchy matchy crap!

5. I'm super blind and always seem to ignore even my friends saying hi to me out on the streets cause I never turn around when i hear my name cause I automatically assume it's some dude trying to say some nasty shit. haha

6. English is my second language

7. I work as a maitre'd in a nyc restaurant. For some reason I always seem to get Jobs that are meant for clean cut people, and always hide my tats very well.

8. I do my own hair.

9.I'm a beauty school dropout.

10. I mostly take baths. I love Baths.

11. Vodka used to make me throw up and now whenever im out it's all about that vodka and cranberry juice.

12.I had my friest boyfriend when I was 18. People thought i was a dyke all thru h.s awesome, who's laughing now bitch.... i aint got 5 kids by the time im 21 hahaha once again awesome!!!

13. Sushi is my fave food.

14.I sleep talk when I'm extremely wasted and snore too, So I have been told.

15. I've never been in a fight, like a fist fight. I always ignored drama.

16. I like older men, but my boyfriend isnt that much older hahaha <3 love him <3

January 5, 2009 12:23 PM

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

thanks nana for answering back!

#3 no it doesn't make you weird. you are special.

#8 do you cut hair? please let me know.

#11 i feel you on that. i really haven't drank drank til i was 24. hah.

#15 never been in a fist fight as well. high five.