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Monday, January 19, 2009

Polite Conversations w/ TooFly

I'm very glad to say that I had the chance to write to TooFly and ask her a few questions. No introduction needed, you know the name VERY well. We've been writing back and forth lately and I must say she's an amazing woman. The greatest thing about her: she's a sweetheart.

What's in store for 2009?
I'm taking 2009 with ease. I was extremely busy last year and it slowed down my creative process. Everything is moving so quickly these days, there's hardly any time for real development to take place. So before I lose sight of what really matters to me I'm going to lay low as much as I can and get picky. There's of course Younity's 2009 exhibition in progress which is going to be really special. The call for entries will be blasted in March 2009 look out!

How has graffiti made an impact in your everyday life?
Graffiti is at the heart of who I am, and what most people know me for. However it's no longer the one thing that impacts my everyday life. All of the things that I really enjoyed and loved about graff are long gone. I'm not 15 years old anymore trying to rebel my name into the streets, and prove my existence. I don't feel the need to represent a graffiti female icon as much because now there's so many. I remember why I immersed myself in the culture and I'm so happy I did because I was part of that last real wave of that era. The stylez, and skillz of so many graffiti underground writers and artists from that time, and past times fuled the biggest art movent of all time! We lived it for no other reason than to get up, and that took many of us places. Now that all our passions have been fufilled it allows other things to impact our lives. It is important to be able to evolve as an artist, but most of all as a human being. The more you can break free from the labels, and boxes people try to put you in the more you can adapt to change for a more abundant life.

Who are your artists of choice in graffiti right now?
I don't have any artists of choice in graff, I paint with anybody who's 1. good peoples 2. has a fresh creative style 3. Is down for the wall collaboration process.

As a female in the arts, what kind of message do you try to spread?
I'm all about skill, action, staying true to yourself. You have to be able to show folks who care or have an interest into our culture that we have a lot of positive things we can contribute. I don't like waiting around for shit to happen so the message I try to spread is to just DO IT YOURSELF. Eventually people will catch up to what you are doing and by then you've already set it off and the movement is on.

What motivates you right now?

At the moment I'm literally freezing, and not motivated to do much but stay home, get cozy, and read books. Normally the thing that motivates me is having a vision for something I'm really passionate about. It could be starting a new series on canvas, or an illustration for a wall, a new product design for my shop, a fashion shoot with my homegirls, a youth workshop, or organizing an art event. I enjoy doing many things, as long as I am deeply involved in the process.

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Anonymous said...

great interview sheanbeanz :D

hehe <33

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

thank you sweetie!!!

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toofly is too cool, yo...happy to see this post up.
good work, my friend !

Unknown said...

Thank you sweets!!!
- Toofly