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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dan Time. Like Down Time...but DAN TIME - "FIRED"

I've been away for a while due to being "fired", but I'm back. In the past couple of weeks I have managed to enjoy "Obama-Rama", relax in a new pair of Polo Pajamas, and watch the most thrilling of documentaries and indie pictures with my precious NetFlix account.

I've been thrilled with what I've seen.

One thing I've yet to accomplish is prove the deliberate Masonic symbolism in Guy Ritchie's film "Revolver".


Because, every time I remember to prove this I find myself typing blogs. It will be researched thoroughly and proven.

Yes - It will.

Which brings me to the "Meat and Tots" of this whole thing-thing here.

Wu:The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Anyone that KNOWS me, KNOWS that Wu-Tang Clan is my favorite thing - in all things music.

This Documentary showed me a lot.

One thing that stuck out the most is how much Ol' Dirty Bastard was such a piece to the puzzle. His antics brought this sense of reality to the whole spectrum of Wu. There's a segment in the Movie that is dedicated to him, and I couldn't help but open my eyes to how much we should ALL miss him.

If music isn't your life, maybe you won't understand. Maybe you will. In-all, we should always give respect to those who deserve it. Dead, or Alive.

"You don't what you got 'till its gone" is a famous lyric to a Joni Mitchell song. How true is it.

I took ODB in personally because he was familiar. All of us that live in urban outfits know that One (or many) people who stick out because of their blatant yet ignorant life styles.

The drunkard who everyone knows because he relieved his bowels in public.
The crack head who Sings Michael Jackson (Jackson 5 days) songs in front of the Chicken Shack.
The lady who works out at 9pm in front of the Factory because, only she knows.

These are people. People who live with us OTHER people.

Mcgirt was a talent. We all got something out of what this Man did.

here's some moments to remember One of Music's Unforgetable Personalities. A MUP.


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