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Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Stocking Stuffers"

It was a cold, cold winter's night. Skeletons hung from the ceilings. Sheena She was tucked in her room drinking hot chocolate. Stockings were stuffed with free goodies. Kupi handed chocolates with glee.

People were merry and hustled and bustled outside for their cigarette joys. Rugged rocked the mic. Brokn. English rocked the mic. El Da Sensei killed the mic. It was a good night in Jersey. Patrons handed their canned food with great intentions. Thank you!! A. Sharp and Ment Plus spun the classics while Poet, L.I.F.E., and Respect hosted the night. To all, it was a good night at Winter Sessions. P.S. Self, as usual, demolished the mic. Hi, Self. He likes Chainsaws and Jelly.

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