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Sunday, December 14, 2008

DJ Straz

"Recently John was involved in an accident that left him out of work for over 4 months!!! He shattered both his heels and just had surgery that left him in his wheel chair for even longer. He's due for another surgery soon and is very upset that he can't get on his feet and get back to work and get back to his music. He would really appreciate any help you can give. A few of his friends have been working on setting up a musical event to help raise donations from friends and family but in his current situation this wasn't possible. We are now turning to his friends and fans to reach out and get some donations towards his medical and personal bills while out of work. ANY help is appreciated and EVERYONE who sends in any money will receive a CD by DJ Straz himself. Thank you so much for all your love and support and we all hope for the best!"

This is Straz. He's a dope dude and is a very talented DJ as well as his beats are on point. I was passing through his Myspace since I haven't been browsing the space in so much depth anymore and had to pass this message along. Please visit his page, listen to some tunes, and leave him a message. Show him some support. Tell him Sheena sent ya.

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