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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dan Time. Like Down Time..But Dan Time - Epic Nights

The one night we get "The Pass". The pass to act as if nothing really mattered. Right now there are refrigerators filled with cheese and beer. There are table tops with wine and leftover nuts from Christmas. There's a liquor store with Champagne out the wazooo. Just because tonight we get that "Pass".

New Years Eve is by far the Most Sophisticated Holiday of them all. Bow-ties definitely make an appearance. So does that new sweater you got a couple days before. There are other nights we celebrate with and without class (respectively). Here they are.

There is no doubt that these went down this year.

The 21st Birthday Party - This is celebrated at a club/lounge with 50 other 21 year olds. They all put about 4 dollars into a pot and got a night out of it. One bottle for all 50 of them, and the belief that they own the night...Until one of the guys gets into a fight with someone a bit older and more experienced with fighting while under the influence. This night always involves a young lady awkwardly crying and someone with blood on their new stuff.

Grandma/Grandpa's B-day Party - This is usually very sentimental. This is more like going to the petting zoo than Six Flags, until...Uncle Bob wants to polish off the 20 year old whiskey in grand pappy's cabinet. "What?" is usually the phrase he blurts out while being whisked away in hand cuffs by the town's sheriff. Grandpa sits there in his form fitting sweater vest in agony. Still he finds a way to put a smile on his face. Why? Because he knew his daughter should not have married that goon anyways. Grandma makes tea.

Guys/Girls Night Out - You usually find out which one of your friends is a slut on this night. If your "Guys Night" lands on your Lady's "Girl's Night" be sure to stay as far away as possible. A mans night starts with beer in a mug and hot wings. A woman's wine and gossip. Both Parties wind up Drunk and Looking for trouble. This night usually ends with fast food and vomit. Always a great story though.

The House Party - Not to be confused with the "Apartment Party". This is where all Epic Nights found there beginning. The trouble makers in the basement. The Talkers in the Main room. The Frisky ones upstairs in the bathroom. It's set up so perfect. Things will break. It doesn't matter if it's glass or wood. It's going to break. Oh will break. Just consider it broken.

The BBQ - Summer time brings the raw meat out (in all aspects of the phrase). Expect Pot-Bellies and a cooler filled with Beer and the Random juice container.

What are you doing? night - This is my favorite type of epic night. You call up a friend. He/She Picks up with no clue what to do. This night usually ends at 6am the next morning in either a City with a Casino. A Mountain (true story). A Car ride where no one talks until the first person laughs and says "what were you thinking?"

I hope Everyone has An EPIC NIGHT TONIGHT!!



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