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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy 30th Anniversary to Betsey Johnson

Betsey's line of clothing is more than amazing. It's for all the inner scrunchy wearing girly in us ladies. It's a mix of sophisti-funk to loud and obnoxious (maybe to the boys) and I swear I'm gonna be just as fun as Betsey when I get older. In plain detail, you can find simple styles with always that girly twist. I wish it weren't so fucking expensive. Anyway, happy happy!!

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Your pal, Val said...

Hey girlie. Glad to see some Betsey love out there. I work for the company and we are really excited about the whole anniversary party. Aug 7th 4-7pm, find your nearest Betsey store. take it easy. your gal pal, val.

Chainsaws & Jelly said...

well thank you val! yes, gotta show the love! thanks for peepin the blog.