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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Street Art Film Festival - Trenton, NJ

Jersey reps!

Street Art Film Festival 2007

The first Street Art Film Festival was organized in summer 2005 as a part of Streets 2k5 festival with the purpose to feature films made by/about street artists. The festival was co-hosted by the Zimmerli Museum in 2005 and NJ Film Festival in 2006.
This year the film fest will be held in the Contemporary Club in Trenton, NJ as a part of NJ Graf, a series of graffiti/street art events in summer 2007.
The films were carefully selected to assure that the audience will get a unique and intimate view into life of contemporary street artists and their artwork. Preserving artwork on film or video is a crucial part of street art. In many instances, the artwork lasts only a few hours before it is damaged, removed or becomes part of the environment. The audience gets a very rare look at some of the greatest pieces of contemporary art, many of which are no longer in existence.
We aim to feature art that contains an additional dimension because it takes place in a public space. The audience and its reaction is a significant part of the presented pieces. The interaction of public with artwork in public domain eclipses the visual aesthetics concerning the mural, sculpture or performance. Therefore the discussion between the artists and the audience concerning the public art policy and design of urban public places must be maintained.
Graffiti and street art are not only a new form of contemporary art, but also an innovative art movement tightly connected to our neighborhoods and communities. It is time to alter public art policies and recognize the new ideas and innovative approaches for refreshing our cities. It is not about physical walls and pedestals, but rather about connections and relationships among people.

Location: Contemporary Club, 176 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608-1104

Date: August 17, 2007
Time: 6-10pm
Entry: $2

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